Q. Do you actually manufacture your range or are you just a supplier?

A. Yes, unlike our main competitors we manufacture the majority of items you see on this site. To compliment our work we also supply a large range of quality acrylic and metal items.

Q. Does being a manufacturer make a difference?

A. We believe so. By being the manufacturer we have total control over the item you order. This means we can personally oversee the final quality, finish and advise you professionally on all issues relating to your required piece. Additionally we also cut out a layer of profit which keeps our final prices competitive.

Q. Presumably your products are not imported or mass produced?

A. No. All our work is made to the highest of standards within our East Midlands based workshop. On the occasions we need to incorporate other materials (such as acrylic and stainless steel) we ensure our partners are UK based and aspire to the same values as ourselves.

Q. Can I come to view your workshop?

A. We are more than happy to meet people at our premises. On many occasions our customers have come to visit us and we are delighted to explain the processes involved in manufacturing their item.

Q. After ordering an item from your range when can I expect delivery?

A. The `leadtime` for individual products are contained within the appropriate product pages.

Q. I need an item urgently. Can you help?

A. Hopefully! We always look to hold a small amount of stock which allows us to cater for those clients who have more pressing requirements.

Q. How can I pay?

A. We accept credit/debit cards, cheques, BACS transfers and online payments.

Q. What is real wood veneer?

A. Veneer is a layer of wood permanently bonded to a thicker wood core. The most attractive grain patterns are used for the outermost layer.

Q. What is melamine?

A. Melamine is a laminate material applied to a wood core. It has excellent durability and wood grain clarity.

Q. Can I have my item in a solid wood?

A. Yes you can. Please contact us for pricing details.

Q. I see you have seven standard woods to choose from. I am requiring a wood that is not listed. Can you supply other woods?

A. Yes we can. We have undertaken work in some of the rarest woods available. Please contact us with your wood requirements.

Q. I note your delivery prices. Is this for anywhere in the UK?

A. Our delivery charges include delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland. A competitive surcharge is applied to Northern Ireland to cover our additional costs.

Q. Do you ship abroad?

A. We only ship to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. However we can ship the items to a UK based frieght company which can deal with onward transit.

Q. I have found a similar item at a cheaper price. Why should I go with Turning Leaf?

A. Our primary manufacturing consideration is to provide an item that will last many years. Our secondary consideration is price. We genuinely aim to be as competitive as possible however we will not compromise our high standards for a `quick sale`. We have frequently seen the results of cheaply made furniture and believe the economy to be a false one.

Q. I cannot see anything in your range that precisely fits my requirements. Can you help?

A. Of course. Approximately 30% of our work is for customers who require an item which meets their precise requirements. As the manufacturer we are able to discuss and advise on all issues relating to your individual specifications.

Q. I would like a logo on a product. Is this something you do?

A. Adding a logo is an affordable way of personalising any item. Many of our products leave our premises with logos on.

Q. How heavy are the lecterns?

A. The full standing lecterns range from 20kgs to 40 kgs.

Q. I need to transport the lectern on a regular basis. Have you any ideas?

A. We believe a good quality lectern will invariably be of a good weight. We believe that, in this day and age, a lightweight lectern is a recipe for disaster! To assist in transportation we have regularly been asked to provide a carry box for the lectern. A carry box is made to accommodate your exact lectern and includes the appropriate carry handles for functionality. It will also be lined inside to protect the lectern.

Q. I need my lectern to be mobile. What do you suggest?

A. Mobility is an important issue to many customers. We are able to incorporate most of our lecterns with quality lockable castors. This gives the required mobility but does not compromise the robustness of the lectern.

Q. How are your wood items finished?

A. All of our lecterns are finished in a clear 2pac lacquer. This is a premium lacquer which we apply three times to give a superior natural finish and extra protection. Our products can also be stained to match any finish for a small surcharge.

If you have any further questions please contact us to a no obligation discussion.